Out here on the left coast we explore vast, undisturbed landscapes. We conquer snow capped volcanic peaks and roam open deserts. We sail gorges knifed by rivers and surf our coastlines. We bask in sun soaked beaches and rain drenched forests. We believe that we belong to the Earth and not the other way around.

We brew the best beer and we roast the best coffee. We say funny things like “thanks” and “have a nice day.” We know there’s a difference between reduce, reuse, and recycle; and we’re not afraid to explain it.

We believe that we are all equal, no matter what.

And we believe what’s old, is new again.

At Left Coast Revivals we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re inspired by vintage designs and 1960’s Americana. We love to hunt for discarded relics and bring them back to life.


About the owner - Laura Caldwell

Laura worked in kitchen design for 10 years before taking a huge risk by leaving her full time job in 2013 to follow her dream of opening an online vintage shop. Since then she has been hustling every day, sourcing 2ndhand treasures from all over the “left” coast. With one brother near Seattle and one in southern California, her and her husband often take road trips thrifting the whole way. She currently sells her vintage in person at Curiosities Vintage (Beaverton, OR) and Reliques Marketplace (Vancouver, WA). She also sells monthly at the Portland Flea Market and in her online store www.leftcoastrevivals.com Laura’s biggest passion is to spread awareness and inspire others to buy, sell and decorate themselves and their homes with 2nd hand finds.